Weighbatch is a New Zealand/Australian owned and operated company manufacturing process control equipment for the plastics and allied industry. Weighbatch is partly Australian owned and operated from Australia under the wing of Equip (Aust).

Weighbatchs primary products include Gravimetric Blenders and Doser’s, Single and Central Vacuum loading systems, Extrusion or Yield Control system for both the single layer extrusion Lines, right up to 11 layer Complex extrusion control systems, gauge control systems.

All Weighbatch equipment is manufacture using modular stand alone principals or as we call remote I/O, and when paired with Weighbatch’s proprietary Control System and Software becomes a failsafe, but fully encompassing control systems.

Some of The Weighbatch product lines and variants are listed below:

  • Gravimetric Blender from 60 – 4800 kg/hr
    • From 2-8 Components
    • Regrind and Virgin materials
    • Mixers and stirrers for regrind
    • Both Slide valve and metering wheel delivery
  • Gravimetric Masterbatch Doser/Feeders 0 – 50 kg/hr
    • Single Component for Powders or Masterbatch
  • Stand Alone Vacuum Hopper Loaders and Venturi Loaders 0 – 350 kg/hr
    • Air operated Venturi Loader for masterbatches
    • Single Phase Vacuum Hopper Loader for Virgins and Regrind requirements
    • Optional Internal Filter and Blowbacks
  • Central Vacuum loading systems from 200 – 20,000 kg/hr
    • 4 to 8 Clustered Vacuum Loaders with a common Three Phase Vacuum Pumps
    • Large Factory Wide central Pump System, up to 48 Loaders , multiple Pump with Central Filtering
  • Automatic and Manual Material Selector for multiple material distribution
    • Manual Cam Lock Selected With common Material Lines
    • Automated Servo Driven Selectors for up to 32 Silos feeding to 48 Vacuum Loaders/distribution points
  • Extrusion/Yield control systems for single or co-extrusion lines
    • Weight per metre or Micron/mm thickness control Hopper
    • Connected to either control extruder speed or haul off speeds, or both
    • Suitable film, sheet, pipe, profile and ALSO CABLE systems
  • Air Ring Gauge Control Systems for Blown Film Lines
    • Adopting Most OEM Air Rings – with either Heater or Servo Flow control
    • Min 64 – Max 192 INDIVIDUAL Zone Control
    • Individual SSR for each Zone ( NOT shared )
  • PC Process Control System for Blown, Cast, Sheet, Foam, Profile, Cable and Pipe Lines
    • Weighbatchs Windows Based PC control system
    • Covers all Modular components via S-Bus or Ethernet
    • Fully User configurable