CMG Extrusion is an Italian Manufacturer of Blown film Lines and components for the Flexible packaging industry.

They began life back in 1963 and a Jobbing shop for engineering products from the Aerospace and Plastics Industries, and by 1980 were producing and marketing their own range of Blown Film Equipment.

Their growth and technology continued throughout the years building Mono Layer, 2 Layer, and in 1990 built the first 3 Layer Blown Film Co-Extrusion Line.

In 2006 CMG acquired HDPE Blown Film Line Producer MAM, and continues their technology and know how today by incorporating MAM’s design features for HDPE with CMG Winding and broad extrusion technology.

Nowadays more than 70% of the CMG produced Blown Film Lines are 3 Layer Co-Extrusion, with trends towards 5 and 7 Layer becoming more and more common.

CMG has an installed  base of over 1400 complete lines around the world, along with Mono and 3 layer Dies, High Tech Winders and Oscillating Haul Offs supplied as upgrades packages to older Lines.

CMG keeps well abreast of technology and works closely with ancillary equipment manufacturers to provided the best Technology for the best price solutions.

There product range is highlighted below. Complete Blown Film Lines:

  • “Utility” – mono-layer blown-film extrusion lines with oscillating head.
  • “Rotocompact” – mono-layer blown-film extrusion lines with fixed head, Oscillating Haul Offs.
  • “Evolution” – Three layer compact blown-film extrusion lines.
  • “Innoex” – High Performance Three Layers blown film extrusion lines, fully optioned at customer discretion.
  • “Overfive” – Five or Seven layer blown-film lines, optioned at customer choice for Barrier and Non Barrier applications.

Components and Sub Manufacture range:

  • Monoextrusion lines for HDPE with MAM Extruder and Die Technology.
  • Coextrusion lines for HDPE with MAM Extruder and Die technology.
  • Special mono-layer blown-film extrusion lines with oscillating head, with or without IBC and width up to 3,600mm.
  • Winders without air shafts for agricultural application.
  • Control systems for all the above listed products.
  • Blown-film lines for the extrusion of biodegradable materials.
  • Replacement Extruders for A wide range of Products and materials, LDPE, HDPE, Pipe Film, Sheet, Cast, etc, from 24:1 – 36:1 ratios , and 40 – 120 mm Extruder Screws.
  • High technology Back to Back Winders with Surface, Centre and GAP Winding, up to 250 m/min and 3600 mm width.
  • Shaft and Roll Handling devices to reduce Cycle time and improve operator Health and Safety.
  • Fixed or Oscillating Dies and Die carts from 50 – 1200mm Diameters.

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