Eurac compression couplings, marketed by the Stif Company of France remains a leading supplier of compression couplings through the world.

Suitable for both pressure and vacuum applications, the Eurac compression couplings cover a broad range to suit a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Industrial Applications for pressure and pipe, with Food contact and Dairy applications commonly available as stock items, Eurac is a dominant and flexible supplier to the pipe and tube industry.

Diameters as small as 25 mm right through to 350 mm sizes are available in either stainless steel or the more common galvanised steel construction.

With a range of gaskets for chemical, food contact, abrasive and high temp applications, the variety is both large and very encompassing.

The Eurac coupling has a wide variety of configurations from light duty up to extreme heavy duty applications requiring high pressures or vacuum.

Options for all couplings included: gasket protectors, static strip, quick release clamps, different diameter couplings, side support clamps.

Stocks are carried at different location such as France, Singapore, Australia, so a Eurac coupling is always close at hand.