BD Plast, of Bonendo Italy, has been building Screen Changers, Polymer Filters and Static Mixers exclusively since 1986.

A fundamental choice of many OEM and End Users is the BD Plast Screenchanger.

The BD Plast Screen Changer range stretches from Manual Lever and Pump Versions, to Hydraulically Actuated Single-Plate (discontinuous flow) or Double Plate (uninterrupted flow) versions, equipped with single or dual power units.

Where contamination levels are high or very fine filtration levels are required, BD Plast can offer triple plate and continuous flow polymer filtration systems, with self cleaning and continuous operation suitable for the most demanding applications.

Cartridge Screen Changers, Static Mixers, Melt Pipes and Diverter Valves complete the range of equipment offered by BD Plast.

The types of available Manual Screen Changers are:

  • Lever Operated (BDL)
  • Gear Operated (BDLG)
  • Pump Operated (BDP)

The types of available Hydraulic Screen Changers are:

  • Single Plate (BDO FT)
  • Dual Plate (BDO FQ)
  • Continuous (BDOx2)

Whether your material is a thermoset or thermoplastic, a polyolefin LDPE, ABS, PET, PPC, PVC, PA, PP, PS or nearly any material commonly available for plastics processing, BD Plast covers an enormous range of products suitable for the filtering and mixing of these materials.

BD Plast has been able to grow together with its customers, broadening technology and meeting complex demands and applications, providing suitable and effective solutions thanks to a very wide range of products which can be personalised.

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