Navigating today’s market requires experience and innovation.

Davis-Standard is the difference between a simple answer and a business strategy.

Partner with us on your next packaging initiative to boost your profits and reduce your downtime.

Whether it be Blown Film Extrusion, Cast Film Extrusion, Sheet Extrusion, Tandem Foam Extrusion, or In Line/Out of line Bag Converting; Davis-Standard have the know-how and technology experience.

Backup and service is a Davis-Standard trade mark, and a worthwhile investment which keeps our customers coming back year after year.

Capital cost can be a big part on anyone’s investment, but if you need your machine going in a hurry, support and back up is paramount; lengthy downtime is a cost you can not afford.

Technology partnerships reward both supplier and customer with both clear and concise objectives, and a long term reciprocal relationship.

Just some of the Davis-Standard Products

World’s Largest 7-Layer Die – Just One of Our Leading Edge Technologies

Davis-Standard supplies blown film extruders, extrusion lines and associated winders, dies and feedscrews for blown film processors around the globe. Our mono and multi-layer blown film technology is used for applications ranging from agriculture and greenhouse films, to packaging and shrink films, to stretch and collation films. 

Our blown film offering is defined by maximum value with a global approach. We deliver more throughout the blown film process with high-performance extruders and equipment for processing EVA, LDPE and LLDPE films, as well as proven extrusion technology for SOE (slit-on-edge), BUR (blow-up ratio) and DDR (draw-down ratio) technology. We are proud to offer the industry’s largest seven layer blown film die, efficient WesJet air rings, precision gauge control, and world renown DSB® feedscrew designs.

Whether for construction and agriculture stretch films, medical and hygiene barrier films, industrial films and bags for heavy-duty applications or flexible packaging, Davis-Standard blown film capabilities are unsurpassed.

How can we help you?

  • Industrial films and bags
  • Barrier films
  • Can liners
  • Laminating films
  • Stretch films
  • Agricultural and membrane films

Protection, Packaging, Hygiene Films – Leading Technology for Your Cast Film Needs

We are an industry leader in cast film technology for applications in food packaging, personal care markets, stretch and cling films. Our knowledge of multi-layer cast film structures and MDO (machine direction orientation) coupled with innovative dies and winders, high efficiency cooling rolls and superior control technology enable us to support customers worldwide.

Our reliable extruders and cast film extrusion equipment add value by consistently reducing scrap and improving processing rates. Cast films and cast embossed films processed on Davis-Standard cast film systems are known for high tensile strength and excellent barrier properties. The supply of barrier cast film lines, CPP film lines and PVC cling film lines are among our areas of expertise.

How can we help you add value to your cast film operation?

  • Hand & Machine Wrap
  • CPP: Stand-up Pouches, Candy Twist Wrap, Document Protection
  • Barrier Films: Diapers, Disposable Garments and Liners, Shower Curtains and Tablecloths
  • Consumer and Medical Packaging
  • Confectionery, bread, towel and tissue bags, single slice cheese film, pouch film

Versatile and Efficient Extrusion Coating

Davis-Standard’s extrusion coating and laminating expertise is second to none. With the industry’s most versatile equipment platforms, we deliver cost-effective extrusion coating packages to support construction, consumer products and packaging industries.

Our extrusion coating machinery fulfills even the most demanding flexible packaging, non-woven’s, paper and board coating and laminating applications. This includes everything from laboratory-size systems for R&D to five-meter-wide systems for industrial materials.

We’re innovators in automatic profile control (APC), deckle and die options, multi-coating solutions, web handling, transfer unwinds and winders. Quality, efficiency and value enable us to improve coating and laminating processes for customers worldwide.

How can we help you?

  • Flexible packaging
  • Paper coating and laminating
  • Board coating and laminating
  • Fabric scrim and non-woven’s


The Model 4180S is Gloucester engineerings latest development bottom seal bag machine, offering state of the art SERVO controls for in or out of line conversion of tubing or sheeting. The 4180S is capable of producing a wide variety of bottom seal or side seal consumer and industrial bags including trash, produce, garment, and merchandise bags either stacked or on a roll.
A 4-axis servo controller controls bag length, head travel, and web tension in the bag machine. These controls are the most accurate and repeatable in the industry today. All set up parameters are stored in recipes for quick and easy set up, minimizing downtime and maximizing the speed and efciency of the bag making line. Hydraulics related maintenance issues have been eliminated. 
The servo drive package is being offered for retrotting to existing Gloucester 418 bag machines currently in operation.